SEMO Aviation Services is now offering two-day, 16-hour weekend seminars to student pilots who need help studying for the FAA Knowledge Test on a once a month basis. The seminars are led by Advanced Ground Instructor Diane Vaughn and CFI Blake Korver. All areas of the knowledge test are covered. Please note that the seminars are not a substitute for independent study, but rather structured guidance to help students with areas of struggle. Announcements for upcoming seminars will be made on the SEMO Aviation Facebook page. Anyone is welcome to sign up, and it does not matter what stage of flight training you are in.

What is the cost to attend?
$350 per person to reserve your spot (minimum 4 enrollments, maximum 10)

Where are these events hosted?
Locations for each event will be announced on the SEMO Aviation Facebook page.

When are these event held?
Please see SEMO Aviation Facebook page for date announcements. The conferences will usually run once a month and are a two day event. Typical times will be 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. with one hour for lunch.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit card, cash, or check. If sending a check, please allow 3-5 postal days for delivery. If paying with cash, you may stop by the Poplar Bluff Municipal Airport and drop it off.

What is your cancellation Policy?
Students who have enrolled in a seminar may cancel at any time up to five business days before the seminar. Students who cancel four days or less prior to the scheduled seminar will receive a refund minus $100 cancellation fee. Students may also have a one-time option of rescheduling for one of the upcoming seminars.

What do I need to bring with me?
Students will need to bring a manual plotter, E6-B Flight Computer, and logbook for endorsement.

Is there food available?
Beverages and snacks will be provided during the seminars. There is also a restaurant on the field at Cape Girardeau Regional available for lunch.

Contact us to reserve your spot today!