Labor Rate
$65.00 per hour for reciprocating engines
$75.00 per hour for turbine engines

Annual Rates
Based on aircraft (call or email for estimate)
Annual Labor rates are quoted at $55.00 per hour, and discrepancies will be repaired at normal shop rate of $65.00 hour.

  • Cessna 150- $660.00
  • Cessna 172- $770.00
  • Piper PA 28- $1,100.00
  • Piper PA 32- $1,210.00

These are just some of the aircraft prices. All annuals include AD research and labor to replace basic parts (oil filters, air filters, service brakes, hydraulics, and tires). We also provide the following maintenance services. Call for estimates.

  • STC’s
  • Sheet metal
  • Turbines
  • General maintenance
  • Now offering dynamic propeller balancing